September 2014

With an increase in the product range continues to grow so does the need for space. An extra storage facility had to be added onto the existing building to allow for the raw materials as they came in. Generating more space is not always the best way to go forward so we have started projects which are looking closely on how we can be more effective in the space we have.

This month has also seen a new request for three more shock absorber sleeves to be made, although this is at the early stages we are going through our design process and working with the customer to produce some prototype sleeves. By working closely with their engineers we have come up with some innovative new ideas to produce these sleeves. Our customer has praised us on how quickly we produce the prototype so they can test and make any changes, this reaction time ultimately is what sets AB Pneumatics apart from our competition. As we are a 2nd or sometimes 3rd tier supplier any delays from us will cause a knock on effect to the end user.

As part of our commitment to the local community we have sponsored Lurgan Ruby Club. There is a connection with the Tigers Rugby section which provides training to over 150 young kids aged 5-12. The club works with all parts of the community and is trying to re-develop the facility to be able to cater for more than rugby and cricket. For more information please visit