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March 2016

31st March 2016

AB Pneumatics goes through rebranding.  To try and improve the company’s image worldwide a project to rebrand was started with […]

November 2015

4th November 2015

The Mayor , Councillor Thomas Beckett; Alderman Allan Ewart, Chairman of the development and Alderman Jim Dillon, Vice Chair of […]

June 2015

4th June 2015

The move to the new factory has been completed with most of the installation and moving down by AB personnel.  The complete move […]

April 2015

4th April 2015

During Peter Blair’s visit to Denver with AB Americas and agreement has been signed making them the sole distributor for Donut […]

January 2015

1st January 2015

This will be an exciting year for AB Pneumatics Ltd. One of our main customers sent their senior technical team over to visit the […]

December 2014

4th December 2014

We have reached the end of another exciting year where AB Pneumatics have seen growth again with new product lines introduced and […]

November 2014

6th November 2014

During week 46 Peter Blair went to Shanghai as part of the Invest NI Trade mission to China and the purpose was to visit one of […]

October 2014

20th October 2014

Another significant order has been secured. One of our main customers have awarded us with the supply of approximately 9000 shock […]

September 2014

9th September 2014

With an increase in the product range continues to grow so does the need for space. An extra storage facility had to be added onto […]