November 2014

During week 46 Peter Blair went to Shanghai as part of the Invest NI Trade mission to China and the purpose was to visit one of our main customers. The main aim was to get to know each other as well as discuss the current business and business in 2015.  They have seen some slight changes in the sales forecasts over the last year but are confident in growth going forward. Around 45,000 seat air springs have been supplied directly to Shanghai during 2014 and we hope that this will increase next year. AB Pneumatics have improved our production systems to allow us to be more efficient so we are in a position where we carry most part numbers in stock which helps the schedulers as they only have to consider the shipping time which is 6-8 weeks from our factory. Plans have also been put into place to allow smaller more regular orders which will in turn help reduce the inventory they have to hold.

We hope that or relationship grows and perhaps we will visit the Shanghai factory again in the future.