October 2014

Another significant order has been secured. One of our main customers have awarded us with the supply of approximately 9000 shock absorber sleeves per year. This product is now in development with all tooling drawings being completed and sent to our engineering company to manufacture we hope to have this line commissioned by early January 2015. Steven Boal (Design Engineer) has been working on ways that we can improve our tooling and make it more efficient. This sleeve is larger than the others we currently make so some of the challenges are to do with weights which may restrict how we work with the machinery.

This sleeve will secure the employment of our current staff with the possibility of new personnel in the future. With this order and some other sleeves still in the testing stage it will move AB Pneumatics into a more diversified product provider.

The Donut Springs are still moving along at a steady pace with our American Distributor AAP Automation ordering another crate which is to be despatched before the end of October. We have also included a few new sizes which are specific for one of their customers which will be tested and hopefully approved. More developments on this product have been made we are pleased with the quality and delivery times for this line.